Capturing 3rd party application content

Display HD quality live video from a capture device


Whether its a cable television channel, a video conference session or an over-the-air TV channel, live video can play an important role in your digital signage content strategy. For Digital Signage, live video can be aquired from a network stream or from a cable connected to a video capture device. This article focuses on using a video capture device to acquire a live video image, in particular a HD quality TV image.

Capturing 3rd party application content

How to capture 3rd party application content


Enterprise software such as customer relationship management applications, call center management systems and HVAC management systems generate valuable information that would benefit the organization if it could be incorporated into Digital Signage displays. This article demonstrates how you can use the DC Media Screen Capture Server to capture an application window and display that content in your Digital Signage display.

Screenshot of Foreign Exchange display built using DC Media Digital Signage software

How to create a Foreign Exchange Rate Display


DC Media has a proprietary content format called 'Digital Sign', these files are easily created using the Sign Creator application that is included included with DC Media. One of the benefits of using the Sign Creator is that you can link text and images to an external data feed (XML, CSV, JSON, SQL or plain text). This article describes how easy it is to create a live Foreign Exchange Rate Display using DC Media and an XML data source.