About the Company

MediaSight IncorporatedMediaSight is a New York based software company that develops DC Media Digital Signage software. At MediaSight Inc. we focus on producing quality and innovative Digital Signage technology that makes digital communication easier to do and more cost effective to operate. DC Media is built on 15 years of experience and technology development, our customers benefit from robust and flexible product with an architecture that ensures ongoing expansion and development of the product.

What sets MediaSight apart?

Our Customer Service

We believe in customer service after the sale, we'd like to ensure that your digital signage network keeps running, long after the sale has concluded.

Innovation Leaders

MediaSight has consistently developed innovative digital signage products that push the boundaries of digital signage capabilities and functionality.

Product Quality

Stability is our key concern, above all else our digital signage product must be reliable. For further information please call or email us.

Our Customers

Here are just some of our customers:

Some of our customers