The powerful Enteprise CMS is now available as a service hosted in the cloud, complete with all the features that make DC Media a front runner in the digital signage software market.

Content Distribution Over the Internet

With content distribution over Internet channels you can easily and securely connect a player to your digital signage network. Content is downloaded by players over the Internet using HTTPS.

No Setup Costs

Getting started is easy and requires no setup costs, simply connect your player to our network and configure your subscription preferences. Subscription based pricing is available on an annual, 2 year and 3 year basis.

Multiple Player Platforms

The DC Media hosted CMS service supports the Windows based DC Media player software, the DC Media Android player software, SMIL players and LG webOS players.

Manage your network from anywhere

Access and manage your content and players from anywhere, so long as you have Internet you have access to the CMS and full control over your digital signage network.

Thanks for your excellent support, we has nothing but praise for your responsiveness and capability and that bodes well for a sound relationship.

Nigel F Oxford, UK

Wide Range of Content Support

DC Media supports over 35 multimedia formats including:

  • Images: BMP, JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
  • Video: MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV, h264, QuickTime, SWF, FLV, WMV
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, WMA
  • Flash: Interactive and non-interactive
  • Live TV: SD composite, S-Video, webcam and TV Tuner
  • Live TV: HD component, HDMI, Clear QAM, ATSC
  • Streaming: IP/TV, UDP/RTP, RTSP
  • HTML: Websites, widgets and HTML pages
  • Documents: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF
  • Scrollers: XML, RSS, Twitter and text based
  • Social Media: Twitter
  • Proprietary: Digital Signs (.dsn)
  • Other: QR Codes, Plug-ins, Add-ons

    Hardware independent

    The player software is designed to be hardware independent, allowing you to choose a hardware platform that suits your content requirements and budget.

    Reliable 24/7 playback

    Engineered to provide 24/7 playback 365 days a year, the player software is stable and reliable.

    Multiple content formats supported

    The player software can display over 35 content formats including images, video, HTML, RSS feeds, live tv, IPTV, documents and more.

    Remote management

    Included with the player software is a powerful remote network management agent that provides up-to-date screenshots of what is being displayed and remote management instruction execution including reboots, upgrades and file management.

    Video wall support

    The player software can easily be configured to span multiple displays to suit vertical, horizontal and asymmetric video walls.

    Content triggering

    Content playback can be triggered by a rfid or barcode scanner, external url, weather condition or by audience measurement.

    Any resolution, any orientation

    The player will display content on portrait and landscape displays at any resolution supported by the display hardware.

    Content scaling

    For mixed resolution environments, playlists are automatically scaled up or down to fit the display.

    Supports interactive and passive content

    Both interactive content and passive content can be combined in a layout with user interaction timeouts for switching to passive content.

    Enterprise content

    Integration of existing enterprise information systems is available with automatic form based and realm based website authentication and JavaScript execution.

    Screen control using RS232

    The player management agent includes support for screen power and input control via RS232.

    Player software API

    The player software includes a socket based API for remote control and content playback selection, and XML API for playlist generation and a plug-in API for custom requirements.

    Content Authoring

    The DC Media Sign Creator enables you to easily create rich media and get your message across, integrate live data and capitalize on every pixel of your visual real estate. Combine images, text, shapes and data to create great looking content within minutes. Text and image items can be linked to dynamic data sources including SQL, CSV, XML and DLL files developed using our extension API.

    Scheduling and Playback

    Using the DC Media Scheduler you can schedule by time, date, day of the week, day parting, interval, trigger or simply just create a looped list. Schedule a wide range of content formats for playback in any number of layers to fit any display size and orientation.

    Audience Measurement

    DC Media integrates with Intel AIM and Quividi anonymous video analytics software to provide gender and age based content triggering and viewer statistics.

    Shaped Layers

    Layers can be shaped using either a pre-defined list of layer shapes or a custom layer shape mask.

    Plug-in API

    DC Media can be extended with DLL files developed using a published API for hardware and software integration.