Powerful, flexible and robust Digital Signage Software

When it comes to selecting a scalable enterprise communications platform, choose one with features to grow with your communication needs.

Features to cover any requirement

Wide range of content formats and templates

DC Media supports a widge range of content formats including images, video, HD video, RSS scrollers, XML, Twitter feeds, live TV, HD live TV, Microsoft Office documents, PDF, IPTV streaming and HTML5.

Advanced scheduling options

Schedule content to play by date, time, time of day, day of the week, interval or player attribute. Day parting gives you the opportunity to play content based on the time of day and external triggers can be used for playback based on events such as a bar code reader, RFID scanner, weather condition or data source.

Network Management

Our network manager software gives you the ability to control your players without leaving your desk. Screenshots are automatically provided by the players, enabling you to see what is being played across the network at any time.

Data integration

Easily integrate live data using CSV, XML or JSON, or display a Microsoft Exchange calendar of events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own media player hardware with your software?

Yes! Our software runs on any Windows enabled PC, LG webOS, Samsung SSSP and Android devices.

Does your software include templates?

Yes, DC Media includes a content authoring tool with a collection of easy to use templates.

Can I have different content on each screen?

Yes, each player PC can play a different playlist. This can be done using individual playlists or by using attribute based playlists whereby players get customized versions of the playlist based on their attributes.

What makes your software different to other Digital Signage products?

DC Media is more than an image and video player, our software has the flexibilty and power to meet your content requirements when it comes to incorporating your existing enterprise content.

Don't just take our word for it, request your free demo copy today and we'll provide you with a fully functioning 15 day trial of DC Media so that you take it for a spin and see that possibilities that our product creates.